Beethoven’s Hammerklavier Sonata played by Glenn Gould (3/5)

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Ludwig van Beethoven
Piano Sonata No. 29 in B flat major
Op. 106
«Große Sonate für das Hammerklavier»

3rd Movement
Adagio sostenuto

played by Glenn Gould

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9 Comments on "Beethoven’s Hammerklavier Sonata played by Glenn Gould (3/5)"

  1. death should not phase us when we hear this. Magic.

  2. Quel intuision ,dans ce mouvement lent.C'est génial

  3. Qui a dit que Glenn Gould n´aime pas Beethoven? Il ouit l´âme même de cette pièce, surtou l´adage sostenuto.

  4. it's beautiful, but why do i hear humming in the background? is it just me?

  5. movement "the apotheosis of pain, of that deep sorrow for which there is no remedy, and which finds expression not in passionate outpourings, but in the immeasurable stillness of utter woe".[5] Wilhelm Kempff described it as "the most magnificent monologue Beethoven ever wrote".[6]

  6. Many pianists hum while playing.  The sound people tried to place the microphones where the piano would drown out GG's humming.   He always hummed.  Sometimes when he had a hand free, he also directed an imaginary or the real orchestra.  He couldn't stop it.   It happened when he was consumed by the music.  Asked about it, he once said that it would indicate to future listeners that a real person was playing. 

  7. GG was an ecstatic as some else mentioned.  I suspect he performed this piece because the adagio is easy to interpret as worshipful.   He had left any specific religion behind, but he was spiritual.   The humming sounds for all pianist hummers tend to be hit and miss and somewhat off key, which I guess means the subconscious can't carry a tune.   It's like the sounds a person would make in their sleep.   Gould had a decent singing voice and carried a tune just fine when he was not humming.   Skip around YouTube, you can find examples.  Pollini could be heard over a full orchestra. 

  8. Meditation on life of suffering.

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