Electronic Music: 25 Mixing Tips for Modern Electronic Music Production

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Discover 25 hand-picked mixing tricks that you can use to gain a cutting edge in your electronic music productions and mixes

Take your mixes to a whole new level

Take advantage of road-tested mixing techniques used by electronic music professionals and inject them into your music. Get an exclusive peek into 25 definite mixing tricks that will make your music sound better. Learn about five different categories of mixing: Mix Essentials, Mix Clarity, Drum Sweetening, Special Stereo Width and Advanced Mixing Techniques, each category containing 5 different tips!

Why use ELECTRONIC MUSIC as your mixing reference?

  • Easy-to-follow, Straight to the point -guide
  • Step-by-step, handbook-style tutorials
  • 25 Mixing Tips in 5 different categories
  • Get a professional sound in your mixes
  • Learn, have fun and take what you learn to the next level!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn…

  • Proper Gain Staging
  • Achieve a solid mixer fader balance
  • Musical Side Chain Compression
  • EQ for Clarity
  • Kick Drum Tuning and Processing
  • Parallel Compression Punch for Drums
  • Advanced Stereo Effects
  • Advanced Automation for Special Effects

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Take action today: Get rid of your insecurities in mixing electronic music and learn how the pros are doing it!

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