Old Antonius Stradivarius Violin, Violins, Guarnerius, Amati

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Antonius Stradivarius violins, Amati, & Guarnarius old violins for sale low price! Leave questions and comments and you will find them all! Best deals ever!

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21 Comments on "Old Antonius Stradivarius Violin, Violins, Guarnerius, Amati"

  1. how much for the violin at 0:48?

  2. @Flaminggential not all of them.

  3. @Flaminggential I have them.

  4. @Flaminggential $250.00 for each one.

  5. Strativariouses are millions of dollars and all are accounted for so it's probably a fake

  6. I think he probably assumes we would know that he means these are copies.

  7. these r such copies

  8. @Nickysmackwack not if their Stradivari, a Stradivari is in the millions i mean come on he lived in the 1700.

  9. Whats the name of the song? Is it a blue monday cover?

  10. This song actually doesnt have a name cuz I composed it lol, I made this song specially for this video.

  11. what??? for the stradiverus too?!!

  12. I love how people are complaining how these can't be genuine violins…. NO SH*T SHERLOCK gosh they're obviously not real but may have potential, the only reason ppl buy strads or old violins is for the sound not because its 'branded' and these violins might be worth the $250 for the sound.

  13. my friend have the original STRADIVARI Violin – may be he likes to sell that –00968 95856862


  15. Wow real Amati and Strat at such a low price. Can I have a dozen of each?

  16. I am looking for an Amati copy, or a good Stainer copy, if you have something I might like, tell me how to get in touch with you Pauline

  17. todos chineses kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  18. Most of the violins shown are factory made violins during the last 100 years… if the violins are set up with a right bridge and strings the price could be ok but it is not a bargain to pay $ 250 for a violin that in a market place you get for $ 50 >!

  19. You are a funny person, every true Stardivai is registered and has it's own history of all owners…the lable inside a violin does not say NOTHING about the true origin

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