Suzuki Violin libro 6-03 Allegro, J.H.Fiocco

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«Esta recogido actualmente en libros y grabaciones para piano, viola, flauta traversa, flauta dulce, violonchelo, arpa, violin, contrabajo y canto.
Es un método más orientado a niños pero muy bueno también para adultos que quieren empezar a aprender a tocar uno de estos instrumentos.»

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16 Comments on "Suzuki Violin libro 6-03 Allegro, J.H.Fiocco"

  1. May I know who is the violinist for these recordings. Im really enjoying them :)

  2. I can play this i'm 13

  3. Hey…… I know this cow from somewhere

  4. where? and who are you

  5. I am Rita yang. duh. i go to highland and i saw that cow once i am also in grade 7 hi emily i know you are afraid of getting shocked his name is jack the cow and i know you hang out with andrew

  6. what is your real name because i can't find you in the year book.

  7. could you delete that comment. too much personal information.

  8. I dont know how to delete pluus i know why me not in ur yearbook there only 1 different 1 and me took it teach me how to delete

  9. what?
    and you click the little arrow pointing down on the top right corner of you comment to delete

  10. still cant do it

  11. Hi, Thank you for share, Who is the violinist? Greetings

  12. Im working on this song. Its awesome

  13. This music is good.But it's fast and difficult to me.

  14. I'll just stick to La Folia for now…

  15. Im almost done with 5 book, is it neccesary to do this?

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