Stradivari violin, «The Antonius,» played by Eric Grossman – Part 1 of 2

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The concert violinist Eric Grossman performs the chaconne from the Partita no. 2 in D Minor by J. S. Bach (1685 – 1750) on a violin made by Antonio Stradivari in 1717. The instrument — one of three by Stradivari in the Metropolitan Museum’s collection — is named «The Antonius» and comes from Stradivari’s so-called golden period (about 1700 to 1720).

Violin, «The Antonius,» 1717
Made by Antonio Stradivari (Italian, 1644 – 1737)
Cremona, Italy
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Bequest of Annie Bolton Matthews Bryant, 1933 (34.86.1a)

Recorded by The Metropolitan Museum of Art at Yamaha Artist Services in New York.

Visit the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History to learn more about violin makers in the sixteenth century.

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40 Comments on "Stradivari violin, «The Antonius,» played by Eric Grossman – Part 1 of 2"

  1. hay weii.. es re bien loko este weee….

  2. These Stradavari violins have never had replacement parts. Apart from the strings of course. You would never put new varnish on a 300+ year old violin, that is worth $2,000,000+ . I have an old British Violin, about 215 years old, and although the current varnish looks very tired, you would never touch it, as the sound and the resonance would be totally different. :D

  3. I totally disagree with you, Violins need to be played, or otherwise they degrade, and their sound quality will slowly fade. Yes, by all means when this is not being played it should be locked up somewhere and cared for, but really, it's just a crafted piece of worthless wood if it is not used. I mean, Antonio Stradavari would have wanted this to be played, not put away in a cabinet only to be held with silk white gloves every 30 years. Pro violinists are very careful with these instruments !!!!

  4. Pride. That's all. They want to be able to say I played a real Strad! Every playing degrades the back of the neck just a little. Water dripping on something can erode it over time. But hey, it's their call. I would at least limit the # of times it gets played. Murphy's law. :)

  5. not entirely true, i have played on a guarneri before and it is amazing. Playing on an instrument of that caliber feels just plain fantastic, everything you put into it it gives right back, doubly so. These violins are not just played because of pride, they are played because of how amazing of an instrument they are

  6. Well, nothing lasts forever, right? Some people read old comics with greasy fingers and some people put them in sealed plastic. To each their own, I guess. 

  7. Grandioso stradivari Cremona 

  8. Sei bravissimo!!!!

  9. Those violin are really expensive.

  10. I'm guessing its all about the upper and lower resonant chambers being  harmonic and the fingerboard  has a lot to do with it  too right?

  11. Sounds crap. Get a new violin geez all the bacteria in that thing is getting in your ear making you think it actually sounds good.

  12. There is a reason these violins go for millions, they are the best. So what's the point in owning it if you don't play it? Sheesh. 

  13. This violin doesn't sound very far, are u sure it's the stradivarius?

  14. His body looks all contorted and he seems very unrelaxed. I am scared for him just by watching this video.

  15. That deep notes are great in a Stradivari violin.

  16. what happens if i just found an stradivarius buried in my yard?

  17. The World's most expensive instrument.
    Sold by Nippon Foundation in 2011 at auction in London.  
    Stradivari  ( 1721  Lady Blunt )  $16 million.

  18. wow, only a fool would not appreciate this world famous performance. This is rare and great playing.

  19. Name of the song??

  20. Our ear is full of such aggressive playing! 

  21. Why this violin has such good tone! Why! Pls tell me! Science!

  22. saya butuh perantara untuk menjual biola antonius stradivarius 1707 ,barang sudah diteliti keasliannya oleh pembuat biola kenammaan surabaya,saya buka harga Rp 1,7 milyar,perantara dapat komisi 10 %,perantara serius dapat telepone di: 085330551972 ,biola ini sudah diliput koran SURYA dan diberitakan pula secara online

  23. let me know if anyone knows the original violin stradivarius own label?

  24. What an incredible Instrument,

  25. Guess what?  "
    A Stradivarius belonging to violin virtuoso Roman Totenberg has been recovered, 35 years after it vanished.
    The violin vanished from Totenberg's office in 1980 while he was greeting well-wishers after a concert.
    The instrument surfaced in June when a woman had it appraised after inheriting it from her husband. It was immediately reported to authorities.
    Violins created by Antonio Stradivari are considered amongst the world's finest and can be worth millions.
    Totenberg was a child prodigy in his native Poland and bought the instrument in 1943 for $15,000 (£9,675) – more than $200,000 (£129,000) today.

    It was the only instrument he performed with until it was stolen, though he continued performing into his 90s.
    However, he did not live to see the recovery of his beloved violin, dying at the age of 101 in 2012."

  26. I make that same damn mistake on the chaconne in the beginning.

  27. no me gusto, parece que no tiene ritmi, y ademas la cancion esta muy aburrida

  28. this man thats small bured.
    and the song or music is so confused

  29. Maravilloso instrumento y magnífico sonido… lástima que el ejecutante no sabe diferenciar entre tocar BACH "como se debe" y tocar BACH contemporaneamente A placer… REPITO EL COMPOSITOR ES BACH no Penderecky.

  30. Gorgeous. Interesting that some say they can make a violin 'as good as a Stradivarius'. Even if they can, the Stradivarius is still the gold standard.

  31. no importa como se interprete, al violín se lo hace llorar como uno lo desee sea de quien sea la partitura solo tu espíritu le da vida al sonar el violín y si es de un stradivarius mucho mejor la calidad del maestro es quien da la ultima estocada. saludos

  32. So what happens when he goes to guitar center and buys a modern violen? Explain how the sound is diffrent? Would like to how some violens are 20million and some are 300?

  33. Brother Nero brought me here.

  34. omozioni che raffiorano. ..

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