Stradivari violin, «The Antonius,» played by Eric Grossman – Part 2 of 2

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The concert violinist Eric Grossman performs the chaconne from the Partita no. 2 in D Minor by J. S. Bach (1685 – 1750) on a violin made by Antonio Stradivari in 1717. The instrument — one of three by Stradivari in the Metropolitan Museum’s collection — is named «The Antonius» and comes from Stradivari’s so-called golden period (about 1700 to 1720).

Violin, «The Antonius,» 1717
Made by Antonio Stradivari (Italian, 1644 – 1737)
Cremona, Italy
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Bequest of Annie Bolton Matthews Bryant, 1933 (34.86.1a)

Recorded by The Metropolitan Museum of Art at Yamaha Artist Services in New York.

Visit the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History to learn more about violin makers in the sixteenth century.

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27 Comments on "Stradivari violin, «The Antonius,» played by Eric Grossman – Part 2 of 2"

  1. at the end of the day its more about the player than about the violin 😀 if you understand what i mean..

  2. yep I know but I play the violin so I think I'm in position to say that a better instrument does not make you a better player :)

  3. one of my favorite pieces absolutely love it! but his performance was definitely not strad worthy, not in the least.

  4. Anyone who can find anything wrong with this performance has no clue what to watch for in a great performance. If you are comparing him to your favorite recording you listened to a million times, then of course this is different. It is actually probably better.

  5. he doesnt know what hes doing… poor strad

  6. I vote you should all chill, you can't tell how wonderful his performance may or may not be with the (certainly!) less than perfect youtube quality video. Seriously.

  7. Although I do giggle that he's playing a stradivarius in front of what appears to be a yamaha piano… perhaps a little less classy, brand-name-wise, but some Yamahas are suprisingly impressive… just strange next to a strad

  8. this guy has no feeling

  9. This Bach's Partita is bored… The Stradivarius' Violin is a Grand Violin for this Violinist. Sorry…

  10. This is gorgeous playing pure and untouched by studio editing and if you don't think your favorite recordings aren't touched up you're mistaken. As for the negative comments regarding his "violin posture" he doesn't use a shoulder rest so the fiddle rests more on the collarbone not the shoulder so it gives the appearance that his right shoulder is raised too high but it isn't he's actually quite relaxed.

  11. @jmuzic77 he put his soul into it dude, go suck on a giant D, i'm a shark.

  12. @kaptenmax yah bc people with "no feeling" play the violin… 

  13. just amazing – anyone feel like loaning me 5 million dollars?

  14. @Elcomunisto Dont be irrespectful with other people's taste in music, tolerance for the diversity. :D

  15. @rrkbferg -Amen!

  16. Wow. This might be the best performance of the Chaconne I've heard.

  17. i wish i could see a strad in real life. 

  18. Thank you for posting this.

  19. What does It remain really from the original parts of a Stradivarius ? Any instrument couldn't be preserved in its former state. So, the pegs, the tailpiece, the fingerboard, the bridge, the soundpost were changed. Probably the neck was changed to adapt its reversal angle at the modern pitch A = 440 Hz. As it could be seen the varnish is new too. An original Stradivarius varnish would be rather peeled off and wear out by a frequent and long use. Only the case is original but very expensive. 

  20. I love how he seems to collapse after playing the final note. 

  21. I wonder if people like you could ever learn anything. Don't worry my life is passionating. How is yours ?. Particularly I am passionate for more than 40 years by musical instrument building and specially lutherie and I know well how a Strad get aged. Apparently this is not your case. 

  22. The audio needs to be balanced out. Too much right channel, hardly any left. Too good not to fix and repost.

  23. Because of the mono sound.

  24. Well, from what I can see all he did was add constructive information about the instrument from his knowledge about instruments. It may not have been the words you wanted to read but it certainly wasn't negative, in my opinion. If it bothered you that much just avert your eyes good sir. 🙂 We come here for the music anyways, not social drama, right? 😀
    Good day to you all and a very happy Monday! <3

  25. I bet most "collectors" (really speculators) who own one can't even play it.

  26. probably because a real Stradivarius violin is worth a lot of money and they don't want to mess it up. 

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